Neon Coffee: Brighten Your Day.

We are an independent, locally-owned roaster dedicated to bringing you fresh, craft-roasted, single origin coffees of high quality at fair prices. We hand-select and roast in small batches. That translates to a lot of extra work for us. But we believe both you and the coffee deserve that effort.

Coffee should be fresh, intelligently sourced and roasted, and accessible to all. That's what brightens our day - and we're sure it will yours too.

We are obsessive about the craft of our roast, and about the freshness of our batches. Your beans will have a unique "roasted on" date so you can be certain they're fresh. 

Our green beans are sourced responsibly with special attention to the farms and cooperatives from which they come. We work hard to bring you the best and freshest available from around the world, including direct trade, organic, fair trade, and sustainable options. Our roast offerings will change as crop availability fluctuates, and we will always keep you updated with the latest news, stories, and goings on here at Neon Coffee HQ. Please be sure to let us know what's happening with you too! 

We love our friends and fellow coffee-lovers. Send us an email, sign up for our mailing list, or connect with us on any of our social media channels. We're active in both the online and offline communities of which we're proud to be a part, so join the conversation, celebrate great coffee and help us in our mission. Together we can brighten the world - one cup of coffee at a time.