The Perfect Ten

We take great pride in our local community and being part of something truly special with our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Our Perfect Ten Campaign was designed to give something back.

Here at Neon Coffee, we like to think we brighten your day, but really, you are the one brightening ours. So we thought we'd ask you to help us to brighten as many days as we could for the most deserving members of our community. We asked you to tell us about your unsung community heroes so that we could pick 10 of our favorites to reward with a little something to brighten their day. 

And you did!

We were overwhelmed with responses and have been working hard to try and decide who we should recognize for this years program. It's been a very tough process, but we finally made it! Each week we'll be visiting two of our favorite nominees and recognizing them for their efforts. Thanks to our friends at Dia de Los Munchies, we're also able to deliver some delicious, home-made cupcakes! Read more about our heroes by clicking their image below and keep checking back as we add more each week!