neon updates

We're Back. And Brighter Than Ever.

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Well we may have been away a little while, but one thing you can always be sure of with us here at Neon Coffee is that when we make you a promise, we keep it.

So here we are. October 10th, 2015. Or, as we prefer to call it, 10.10. You might remember the Neon Coffee geek days (we were young, we were at college....), and if you do, don't worry. Despite the facelift, we're still the same people - you see, we didn't pick 10.10 just for any old reason. We picked it predominantly because 10 is the atomic number of neon. But 10 is also a perfect score in Olympics competitions (we might be biased, but we think our coffees would rival Michael Phelps in the gold medal department should such a contest exist), but we digress.

And then there's the new tagline - Brighten Your Day - and a  fresh logo update. Cleaner, brighter, with letters a little closer together to represent our place in the communities within which we operate. Here, shoulder to shoulder with our family, friends, and colleagues in Pensacola. Online with our partners in fresh coffee crime, Coffee Crafters, Angel's Cup, Aerobie Aeropress, and Sweet Marias to name a few. And also our social media friends who chat with us from all corners of the globe.

Most importantly, we're happy to be here with you. We love when you burst with joy when describing the rich aroma of freshly ground Mexican. And when you email us to say thanks for helping you pick the best beans and best brew method. And when you call us on a Saturday afternoon to beg for that bag of freshly-roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Thank you. Also: we understand. We're in this because we love it, too. 

We're all in this together. And we believe that with a little bit of science, a little bit of patience, and most of all, a lot of love, we can make every day a little easier for each other. 

We're Neon Coffee. And we're back to brighten your day.