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Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Mandheling

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Tasting Notes:

Yes, please. This coffee is a regular in the Neon cafe. We roast this hearty Sumatra to a Full City level. You'll catch a soft aroma with subtle notes of dried fruit, nuts, and a velvet-smooth and chocolate mouth feel. The complex flavor is hearty but delicate. You'll experience a pleasant, dry finish that lingers just long enough for you to grab the next sip.

About the source:

The Cooperative Gayo Linge Organic Coffee (GLOC) was founded in 2008 in the Bener Meriah region located in the Aceh Province of Sumatra. The cooperative consists of more than 1,000 farmers from surrounding villages throughout the central mountain area with is known for its Gayo coffees. Coop members double as coffee farmers and also traders that are often involved in local government. 

The cooperative emerged from a small group of organic coffee producers and has grown with the goals of both improving product quality and ensuring a sustainable life for members. Members lives depend mainly on the success of the coffee, and are all small-holder coffee farmers. The coop is moving toward a strategy of managing community development funds aimed at investing in reliable and safe drinking water, improved roads, and eventually building an export and processing facility.

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