Meet 90Works.

2015 Perfect Ten Community Hero.

The 90Works Team.

The 90Works Team.

Based out of Pensacola, 90Works is a charitable organization focused around delivering a program of self-sufficiency to "overcome the challenges of homelesness, poverty, and family violence." By providing significant expertise in navigating both public and private resources across 10 Northwest Florida counties (Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, and Gulf), the 90Works approach boasts a 90% success rate helping people become self-sufficient in 90 days.

In 2014, 90Works helped almost 3,000 people, including:

  • 55 Medically Complex Foster Children
  • 100 At-Risk Youth
  • 250 New Mothers
  • 450 Veterans
  • 1,762 Abused Children

The 90Works approach is a holistic program for self sufficiency and operates with a vision of helping people move from "being in-crisis and vulnerable to safe, stable and thriving." The 90Works Self-Sufficiency Model incorporates solutions for transportation to and from work, access to healthcare for both physical and emotional challenges and affordable housing through six key sectors:

The 90Works Self Sufficiency Model

To find more about the 90Works model, click here.

In addition, 90Works offers a series of General Life Skills classes:

  • Effects of Substance Abuse: This class will cover the effects of substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) on all family members. (4 Weeks)
  • General Parenting: This class is an evidenced-based program developed to provide parents the knowledge and skills necessary to redirect children by better understanding children’s behavior. (8 Weeks)
  • Tips on Budgeting: This class will cover how to create a budget, how to manage a budget and different ways to effectively save money. (2 Weeks)
  • Successful Housing: This class will focus on how to obtain and retain affordable housing, how to talk to landlords, and how to advocate for your housing needs.
  • Employment Readiness: This class will focus on finding employment, resume building and marketing your job skills.(4 Weeks)
  • Effects of Family Violence: This 4-week class will cover the family violence syndrome, how it works, what to do when it happens, and how to recover from the trauma.
  • General Family Support Group: This group is designed for families to seek support from each other, discuss solutions and share information.

More information about these classes and their schedules are available here.

To learn more about 90Works in action, watch the video below and learn more about Steve's Story. Steve was a navy veteran and thanks to 90Works was able to establish himself on the path to self-sufficiency.

To donate directly to the 90Works organization, click here, or follow and support the organization on facebook and twitter. To join the 90Works team as a volunteer, go to and click their employment page. At this time, 90Works are looking for volunteers to provide light office and administrative support.

Thanks to everyone at 90Works for everything they do as part of our community. They truly are a team of heroes and we couldn't be happier to recognize them as part of the Perfect Ten.